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GHL KH Director (white) (Europe/Schuko)

Automated Alkalinity Monitoring and Control

The upkeep of Alkalinity is the most important aspect of reef keeping, stability is key. If you’re looking to achieve exceptional coral growing conditions, Alkalinity testing is a must!

Keep it steady with the new KH Director. Monitor, maintain, and control Alkalinity with ease.

-Lab-grade KH measurement accuracy
-User-adjustable test sample volume
-Measurements per day adjustable
-Higher accuracy and saftey provided by additional valves
-Cost-effective and safe reagent fluid
-Automated Data-logging
-Automated liquid supply
-LED Status Display
-myGHL cloud accessible
-Seamless integration w/ GHL system
-Low maintenance design
-KH value display
-Robust design built in laboratory quality
-Technical Specifications

KH Director® includes the following:

  • Device with integrated measuring cell
  • pH electrode, especially designed for the KHD, incl. calibration liquids
  • Testing reagent 500ml
  • Silicone hose
  • Power-supply splitter-cable
  • PAB cable (50 cm / 19.6″)

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