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DVH Filtersock Mount Set (10cm und 18cm)

Our first self designed and produced product for the aquarium market, the Hang-On Filtersock Mount. The set includes 2 adaptors, one for the 10cm (4 inch) filtersock and one for the 18cm (7 inch) filtersock. I't's very easy to install and very easy to take out when needed to change a filtersock. The set will hang on mount up to 2,5 cm (1 inch) wide.

Filtersocks remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates. Filtersocks also help prevent larger objects, such as sand, crabs, snails, etc. from damaging pump motors and result in CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER !





*  Easy to install.




*  Easy to remove the whole set for cleaning or maintainance.




*  Made from first grade ABS, produced under GB/T19001-2000 - ISO9001:2000 STANDARD, HSPM / RoHS requirements.




*  The set container 5 parts: 1 Hang-On Mount, 1 Adaptor for 10 cm (4 inch) filtersock, 1 Adaptor for 18 cm (7 inch) filtersock, 2 plastic screws for leveling.




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