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Preis Neospot marine 250ml is

Water disinfection for healthy fish

For treatment against Ichthyophthirius, Oodinium and Chryptocaryon in salt water aquariums with invertebrates and for preventative treatment of new imports.

In the past, parasitic conditions in saltwater aquariums with invertebrates could not be satisfactorily treated. NEOSAL LIQUID inhibits the division of flagellata and thus prevents further spreading of the disease. It is important to initiate treatment with NEOSAL at the very first signs of disease (fish rubbing themselves, swimming restlessly or hiding away in dark corners of the aquarium).

In order to prevent fast division of flagellata, the salt density should be reduced to 1.018 and illumination significantly reduced. The mucous membranes of the fish are protected by limiting the pH at a maximum of 8.2; therefore do not add calcified water to your aquarium to harden the water after you have brought in new fish or during disease treatment.

For a healthy increase of the calcium content in the water we also recommend ALPHA MARIN which does not raise the pH, and FORMULA PREIS CORAL or PREIS MINERAL SALT.

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