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START Biodigest.
It allows to quickly start the biological filtration of aquarium and then introduce a few hours after the first fish.

START UP NANO may be also used to treat a nitrite peak.

START STOP AMMO is a product based on extracts of specific plants whose main property is to trap the nitrogen from ammonia. Biodigest START is composed of bacterial natural nitrifying, denitrifying and optional selected for their ability to quickly initiate the nitrogen cycle and thus to transform the ammonia into nitrites, nitrates and nitrites into nitrate nitrogen.

START UP allows you to rapidly introduce third of your toughest fish in your aquarium (after 4 hours in fresh water after 12 hours in seawater).

Dosage of each product

• Nano range:
0 to 60 l (0 to 15 US gal) : blister 2 vials
60 to 120 l (15 to 30 US gal): blister4 vials

• Standard range:
120 to 180 l (30 to 45 US gal) : box of 6
180 to 360 l (45 to 90 US gal) : box of 12
360 to 1000 l (90 to 250 US gal) : box of 30